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GUJARAT PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION previous year question paper

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The Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) conducts GPSC examinations to elect candidates for various positions such as Assistant Engineer, Police Inspector, DYSO, and Regional Tax Inspector. The selection process is different from a separate GPSC post.

The various categories include the Preliminary Exam, Physical Test, or Main Exam, and Interview. There are many competitions every year as many students apply for this exam. To cancel this test, the candidate must be well prepared for the exams and therefore must have a strict reading schedule and follow it faithfully. To better prepare for the test and practice, solving the questions from the mock tests and previous year’s GPSC papers can also be helpful.

Getting acquainted with the GPSC of Past Year Papers gives you an idea of ​​the level of difficulty of the queries and the trend. You will learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. You will have the opportunity to improve your weak topics to get good points in the GPSC test.

Try the papers to get a clear idea of ​​the different types of questions asked in the test. It will also help them know the level of difficulty to raise the level of preparation for your 2021 GPSC exam. Given below is a detailed table of GPSC Past Year Papers with solutions.

Sr. NoGPSC Previous Year Question PaperDownload Questions & Solutions as PDF
1GPSC 2014-15 English (Compulsory)Download PDF!
2GPSC 2014-15 English LiteratureDownload PDF!
3GPSC 2014-15 General Studies 1Download PDF!
4GPSC 2014-15 GeographyDownload PDF!
5GPSC 2014-15 GeologyDownload PDF!
6GPSC 2014-15 Gujarati LiteratureDownload PDF!
7GPSC 2014-15 Gujarati Question Paper (Compulsory)Download PDF!
8GPSC 2014-15 Hindi LiteratureDownload PDF!
9GPSC 2014-15 HistoryDownload PDF!
10GPSC 2014-15 LawDownload PDF!
11GPSC 2014-15 ManagementDownload PDF!
12GPSC 2014-15 MathematicsDownload PDF!
13GPSC 2014-15 Mechanical EngineeringDownload PDF!
14GPSC 2014-15 Medical ScienceDownload PDF!
15GPSC 2014-15 PhilosophyDownload PDF!
16GPSC 2014-15 PhysicsDownload PDF!
17GPSC 2014-15 Political ScienceDownload PDF!
18GPSC 2014-15 PsychologyDownload PDF!
19GPSC 2014-15 Public AdministrationDownload PDF!
20GPSC 2014-15 Sanskrit LiteratureDownload PDF!
21GPSC 2014-15 SociologyDownload PDF!
22GPSC 2014-15 StatisticsDownload PDF!
23GPSC 2014-15 ZoologyDownload PDF!
24GPSC 2014-15 General Studies 2Download PDF!
25GPSC 2014-15 AgricultureDownload PDF!
26GPSC 2014-15 Animal Husbandry & Veterinary ScienceDownload PDF!
27GPSC 2014-15 BotanyDownload PDF!
28GPSC 2014-15 ChemistryDownload PDF!
29GPSC 2014-15 Civil EngineeringDownload PDF!
30GPSC 2014-15 Commerce & AccountancyDownload PDF!
31GPSC 2014-15 EconomicsDownload PDF!
32GPSC 2014-15 Electrical EngineeringDownload PDF!

GPSC exam pattern for 2021

The test pattern is different for each post that falls under the GPSC test. It is recommended that candidates be familiar with the GPSC post-inspection pattern they wish to apply for. Knowing the test pattern will allow the candidates to know the topics they will need to read. It will also help them to know more about the test and to make a proper study plan so that they can break the test brilliantly.

Why Is Preparing With the GPSC for Past Year Papers Beneficial?

There are many benefits to preparing with these past GPSC papers, you get to know the process questions, the difficulty level of the test questions, and more. Here are some of the benefits of past year papers –

  • These GPSC Past Year Papers contain questions that came to last year’s test.
  • GPSC Questionnaire for the Past Year gives you a realistic experience like the real test of the real GPSC Exam paper.
  • GPSC Past Year Papers help you prepare for exams by providing you with many practice questions that you have already entered in last year’s exam.
  • You can self-evaluate your level of preparation by trying out last year’s GPSC papers, by strictly adhering to guidelines.
  • GPSC Past Year Questionnaires will help you identify all the difficult categories / topics.
  • We hope the above information about last year’s GPSC papers will be helpful to candidates. Download the Testbook app now and get access to quality test preparation materials!
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