NHPC Junior Engineer math test 1

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NHPC Junior Engineer math test 1

Q1. Look at this series: 7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12, … What number should come next?
  • A. 7
  • B. 12
  • C. 10
  • D. 13
  • 10

    Q2. Look at this series: 2, 1, (1/2), (1/4), … What number should come next?
    A. (1/3)
    B. (1/8)
    C. (2/8)
    D. (1/16)


    Q3. CUP : LIP :: BIRD : ?
    A. GRASS
    C. BEAK
    D. BUSH


    Q4. 10 coaches of a passenger train have got derailed and have blocked the railway track from both ends. Courses of action:
    I. The railway authorities should immediately send men and equipment and clear the spot
    II. All the trains running in both directions should be diverted immediately via other routes.
    A. If only I follows
    B. If only II follows
    C. If either I or II follows
    D. If neither I nor II follows
    E. If both I and II follow

    If both I and II follow

    Q5. 120, 99, 80, 63, 48, ?
    A. 35
    B. 31
    C. 40
    D. 24


    Q6. In the word ECONOMETRICS, if the first and second, third and forth, forth and fifth, fifth and sixth words are interchanged up to the last letter, what would be the tenth letter from right?
    A. O
    B. R
    C. N
    D. I


    Q7. How many pairs of letters are there in the word ‘NURSING” which have as many letters between then as in the alphabet?
    A. One
    B. Three
    C. Five
    D. Six


    Q8: RQP, ONM, _, IHG, FED, find the missing letters.
    A. CDE
    B. LKI
    C. LKJ
    D. BAC


    A. Pen: Paper
    B. Engine: Car
    C. Cat: Dog
    D. Ball: Game

    Engine: Car

    Q9. I. The government should make necessary arrangements to provide safe drinking water to the people of the city.
    II. The government should educate people about the dangers of drinking contaminated water.
    A. Only I follows
    B. Only II follows
    C. Either I or II follows
    D. Both I and II follow

    Both I and II follow

    Q10. Statement: The sale of the product of a company has decreased significantly; the company is worried about the future of the product. Courses of action;
    I. The company should analyze the rival products available in the market.
    II. The price of the product should be reduced, and its quality should be improved.
    A. Only I follows
    B. Only II follows
    C. Either I or II follows
    D. Neither I nor II follows

    Only I follows

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