SBI Circle Based Officer Free Mock Test sbi cbo computer quiz

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Sbi cbo A computer Quiz for Banking IBPS SO/PO/Clerk/RRB/SBI/RBI Exam

sbi cbo computer quiz

1. Which of the following is/are Controls access to the resources on a network?

  • A. Work Stations
  • B. Antina
  • C. Client
  • D. Server
  • E. A & D


2. __________ data functions would you use to hide all rows in a worksheet except those that meet some criteria you specify.

  • A. Custom Filter
  • B. Auto sequence
  • C. Conditional Formatting
  • D. Conditional Drafting
  • E. None of these

Custom Filter

3. __________ is the short cut key to open the Open dialog box.

  • A. Shift F12
  • B. Ctrl + F12
  • C. F12
  • D. Alt + F12
  • E. Ctrl + F11

Ctrl + F12

4. Commands at the top of a screen such as File-Edit, Format, and Tools to operate and change things are incorporated in __________.

  • A. Start menu
  • B. Menu bar
  • C. Notification bar
  • D. Toolbar
  • E. None of these

Menu bar

5. Modem stands for what?

  • A. Modulator demodulator
  • B. Multiprocessing device
  • C. Manage the Data
  • D. Managing the space in the computer
  • E. None of these

Modulator demodulator

6. What type of web technology creates an online community where people can make statements and others can read and respond to those statements?

  • A. ALU
  • B. Blog
  • C. Podcast
  • D. ASP
  • E. I-Journal


7. Actual execution of instructions in a computer takes place in __________ .

  • A. Control bus
  • B. Control panel
  • C. ALU
  • D. UPS
  • E. Modem


8. Which of the following device enables data transfer between two different networks?

  • A. Router
  • B. Bridge
  • C. Antina
  • D. Super Computer
  • E. Gateway


9. __________ layers are in the TCP / IP model.

  • A. 3
  • B. 2
  • C. 8
  • D. 7
  • E. None of these

None of these

10. __________ IEEE standard used to define the specification for a wireless LAN.

  • A. IEEE 802.21
  • B. IEEE 802.01
  • C. IEEE 802.11
  • D. IEEE 802.4
  • E. IEEE 802.12

IEEE 802.11

11. Who is the founder of ‘WWW’?

  • A. Tim Berners-Lee
  • B. Ajay V. Bhatt
  • C. DARPA
  • D. Ericsson
  • E.None of these

Tim Berners-Lee

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12. Which of the following is not an Operating system?

  • A. Windows Vista
  • B. ARM
  • C. Ubuntu
  • D. BeOS
  • E. None of these


13. The Artificial satellite which revolves around the earth and provides transmit information from the earth is basically called.

  • A. Geosynchronous satellites
  • B. Geostationary satellites
  • C. Low Earth Orbits
  • D. Sun-Synchronous orbits
  • E. None of these

Geostationary satellites

14. What is the term used to denote the repetition of data in DBMS?

  • A. Reappear
  • B. Redundancy
  • C. Repeating
  • D. Restrict
  • E. None of these


15. ____ is the most important/powerful computer in a typical network.

  • A. Network client
  • B. Desktop
  • C. Network station
  • D. Network switch
  • E. Network server

Network server

16. What is the shortcut key to close a currently opened document in Microsoft Word?

  • A. Ctrl + D
  • B. Ctrl + W
  • C. Ctrl + B
  • D. Ctrl + T
  • E. None of these

Ctrl + W

17. Which of the following is not an example for simplex?

  • A. Radio broadcasting
  • B. Television broadcasting
  • C. Speaker
  • D. Walkie talkie
  • E. None of these

Walkie talkie

18. Which of the following layer is responsible for converting electrical impulse to bitstreams?

  • A. Presentation
  • B. Physical
  • C. Network
  • D. Data link
  • E. None of these


19. What is the components that are used in second-generation computers?

  • A. Vacuum tube
  • B. Punch cards
  • C. Transistors
  • D. LSI
  • E. None of these


20. How was the multiplication process occurring in ALU?

  • A. Repeated Addition
  • B. Repeated Subtraction
  • C. Repeated Squaring
  • D. Repeated Cubing
  • E. Repeated Division

Repeated Addition

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